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August 22, 2016
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My name is Daniel Rounds.

I welcome you to this platform, and I thank you for being here and being a part of it.

Much of this blog will pertain to my passions and interests. At times, that will call for me to share personal stories and/or info about myself.

For right now, let’s just focus on who I am and why I’m here.

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan. One of my earlier and most formative memories is from when I was 7 years old, out playing basketball with some bigger kids. Truth be told, at that time, MOST kids were bigger than me; I was kind of on the small side. But my uncle knew just what to say to bridge that gap. As he looked on and took in my game, he kept calling for my mother to look at me. “That boy has so much heart,” he kept repeating. In other words, what I lacked in size, I made up for in heart.

He went on to say that I’d be something special, as I exhibited the tenacity and grit to keep on playing no matter how many times all those bigger guys knocked me down. It was a much-valued compliment, one I carry with me and work hard to live up to. Truth be told, I’ve long believed that anyone can be whatever they want to in life. My Detroit background was a blessing, as it instilled in me a confidence and fortitude to go after what I wanted, from a measured objective to a giant dream.

Was my childhood easy? Nope, far from it. I grew up in a welfare home, with a single mother. Although I couldn’t see much beyond my world, I just trusted in my gut that the world around me had so much more to offer. In fact, my grandfather was known to voice this very sentiment: “I never saw with my own eyes what’s out there,” he said, “…and I can’t give you much; but I do know that it’s more out there. You have to go get it for yourself.”

In high school, following this wisdom meant immersing myself in Track & Field, a setting where I honed my sense of discipline, teamwork, determination, and confidence. Moreover, from getting a chance to tour the country and compete in different cities, I got my eyes peeled open to life beyond my own city.

After high school came college, where I became a first-generation graduate, complete with a pair of Masters degrees and time spent studying abroad. These eyes, they keep getting more and more open. I don’t even fool myself that I’ve seen it all, as the more I take in, the more I get the sense that I haven’t seen anything yet… Through it all, these eyes stay locked on my dreams.

In the words of my Foundations of Leadership professor, Mr. William U. Latham: “Dreams are the midwife of your greatness that usher in the travailing destiny that others will benefit from throughout the totality of your life!”

Well said! Dreams are the divine engine of desires and goals. The bigger the dream, the more drive is called for. The more driven you are, the less you can tolerate negativity in any form, from people to media, to thoughts themselves. So as you’ll see herein, I keep it positive. My root goal – the goal within all other goals – is to never go to bed at night without knowing that I’ve somehow improved upon the version of myself that existed the day before.

In this space, we’re going to think together, talk together, be together, grow together, and DREAM together. We’re going to look at the world, look within ourselves, and look always for better solutions and brighter tomorrows.

It’s a widespread objective, and it will therefore inspire wide-reaching content.

Thank you again for being in on this with me.

Kind regards,

Daniel Rounds