If I Was Nice This Year, This Is What I Would Have Wanted

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December 7, 2016
January 9, 2017
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Knowing that I was very NAUGHTY this year and the slightest of NICE, I have a good inclination of what I’m getting for Christmas. As a kid, I would create Christmas lists of all the things that I wanted Santa Claus to bring me. I would get a Toy’s R Us catalog and just started writing everything down that looked dope. Of course, I had no regard for money, but I always figured that if I wrote a whole bunch of things down then I knew Santa would look out for me and get me at least half of the stuff I put down on my ever-growing list. Well unfortunately Santa wasn’t about to be making it rain in the hood with gifts, so I was just appreciative that I got something (except for those funny looking socks and that Chinese checkers set that my folks got me that one year).

It’s three days before Christmas, and I’m going to stick tradition by sharing the top five items on my Christmas list for 2016. If you feel compelled to get my anything on the list, please feel free to DM me — just kidding!

BirchboxMan 6-Month Subscription Gift Cardscreen-shot-2016-12-21-at-12-25-47-pmWhy do they always make all the cool stuff for women??!! Well I’m glad that Birchbox has a male menu. I don’t want to go to Sephora to get skin care products, that place is just not cool (makeup is the devil). With the subscription you get customized box of grooming samples every month of various products to check out. Just like I mentioned in my blog on The Attractiveness of Confidencegrooming and good hygiene is essential!

The Mod Cabin Core Beard Kit screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-12-27-53-pmI bought one of these kits sometime this summer, and it changed my life. Considering the texture of my facial hair, I needed something that was going to allow me to manage my beard better. This kit proved to be the IT FACTOR that I was looking for. The scents are awesome, packaging is very masculine, and I’ve been getting more compliments on my scraggly beard.

Powerbeats3 Wireless by Beats by Dre41eim1tzrnlI own so many pair (well only 3 really) of Beats and they all serve their purpose. I can’t go the gym rocking my Beats Studio Wireless, and I’m definitely not going to pull out my Powerbeats2 at the office when I’m trying to block out all the loud conversation around my office. With a battery life of up to 12 hours, I would consider this a modest upgrade from my current pair.

Apple Watch Nike+screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-12-29-48-pmI’m not sure I would consider myself an Apple guy, but I do love Apple products. I have an iPhone, iMac, MacBook Air (and an older model Pro), and an iPad. So it’s only a matter of time when I’ll get the Apple watch. I was hoping to get one from Christmas from a certain someone, but I’m on her coal list right now. I was already planning to get one, but then once I saw that Apple partnered with Nike — I’m all for it now.  I definitely need a replacement, especially since the fuel band is discounted. Now I will be able to get the best of both worlds.

Musika Freré Beige and Teal Silk & Wool Notch Lapel 3 Piece Suitmfss01I am a huge fan of Musika Freré. Not only because the founders, Aleks Musika (@aleksmusika) and Davidson Petit- Freré (davidson_frere) are mad cool guys to hang out with, but also because they simply take tremendous pride in how they construct their suits. My “aha” moment was when I tried on this suit that I got off the rack from Express, and then put on my new Musika Freré suit. I was blown away! The attention to detail, the craftsmanship, the fitting was exceptional. Though I have only purchased one suit ($$$) from them to date, these suits set the standard of excellence in the realm of luxury bespoke suits. If you’ve been REALLY good this year fellas – and I mean REALLY good – then ask your better half for one of these suits, because you won’t be disappointed.

So fellas, hopefully I’ve given you some gift ideas so that you have some ammunition when your woman asks you “what do you want for Christmas?” Ladies, hopefully this will serve as an assist on putting a smile on your man’s face Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas ☺